6 Websites to Convert Your Website to Mobile App in 2022

If you plan on building and setting up a brand with a solid online presence, you will need to venture into application and software development.

Statistics have shown that 90% of users now use mobile apps to access websites and online services because it is faster and more reliable.

When it comes to mobile app development, it is most costly to achieve; most especially when you plan on hiring a developer to do the work for you.

You will sometimes spend nothing less than $500 or more to get the job done.

So, in order to provide a solution to this problem, I decided to do a small research.

If you are a WordPress user who is still interested in using the drag and drop feature; this article will show you the easy way to convert your WordPress website to a mobile application using these websites I am about to show you., so make sure you stick to the end.

What are the benefits of having a mobile application?

  1. Having a mobile app makes it faster for you and your users to access your online content with ease.
  2. You have faster loading when using a mobile app compared to a WordPress website.
  3. A mobile app is simple and excellent in delivery
  4. It creates an excellent user experience
  5. This increases your outreach since we have more users on mobile applications.
  6. Mobile apps can be configured to work perfectly with other software on the mobile device such as a camera, voice recorder, etc.

How to Convert WordPress Site into a Mobile app?

When it comes to Converting websites there are a few steps you must follow.

You will need to.

  • Choose The Mobile app platform that you wish to use
  • Choose an app Template that suits your taste
  • Add your website link
  • Customize menu, Navigation, logo, and subscription icons
  • Give your app a name
  • Publish on the market.

All these processes may differ based on the platform you choose to work with in creating the project and that is why you need to pay close attention to these websites I will be introducing you to so you can use the judiciously in creating your mobile app.

1: APPExperts

Brands and businesses can easily convert their WordPress websites into an iOS or Android (apk) application with the assistance of APPExperts.

APPExperts is a flexible and robust application for building mobile applications, you can use it to create menus and pages, and create other sophisticated features similar to WordPress.

AppExpert was created to facilitate mobile operations and improve the efficiency of a wide range of online companies around the globe. This mobile app builder supports both Android and IOS so you need not worry about software usability issues.


  • Social sharing column
  • Custom App menu
  • Added search Functionality
  • Social login
  • Full customization
  • Multi-language support
  • Content management
  • Splash screen
  • Woo commerce integration
  • Seamless Third party integration.

2: WappPress

Wapppress is cost-effective when it comes to mobile app creation. This plugin can be used to convert your WordPress website to a mobile application in just a few minutes.

You can easily customize your new application with a variety of themes, icons, and screen designs.

I believe this plugin is the best for small non-profit organizations and bloggers because it is flexible for absolute beginners.

3: AppPresser

The features that makeup AppPresser are similar to that of MobiLoud with its easy-to-use interface. With this plugin, it is much easier for Non-developers to set up a mobile app in minutes.

Another cool fact about this plugin is the fact that it allows users to access their WordPress dashboard and create the front-end interface of a mobile app.

It can also be integrated with Html, IOS, and Android mobile software.

The key benefit of the app is the ability to host one’s application on their platform.

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4: AndroApp

AndroApp is cheap and affordable compared to premium plugins.

It charges based on a subscription fee and you can even use the free version to start with.

This plugin works only for the IOS and Android versions and it comes with multiple Themes, design advantages, and Real life reporting metrics. Monetization is allowed on this platform also.

5: Blappsta

Blappsta has been said to function effectively o the IOS and Android software over the Years. Blappsta provides an action of previewing the app before the final publishing. Another cool fact about it is that it is relatively free.

You can run complex designs like Homepage customization, Navigation bar design, and many more. This plugin gives flexibility to its users when it comes to mobile app organization.

6: Web2App.

Web2App helps you create a full Native app and convert your WordPress website into a Mobile app.  With Web2App, you will be exposed to top customizations like Display, Navigation options, and social sharing.

You can get users to Rate your app and get feedback which creates an excellent user experience.

They have made available video Tutorials to make their program easy for an absolute beginner to use.

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