How to add Contact form (Feedback form) to WordPress

Hello Friend!  In Today’s tutorial, I am going to share with you the easiest way to create a contact or feedback form on your WordPress website.

Having visited a lot of websites, I have come to discover that when I get to the “Contact us” section, there is always an open form asking for important details like my name, email address, and, message I want to be directed to the website manager.

This way, it is so much easier for me to connect with the site admin even when he/she is online or offline.

What is a contact form on a website?

A contact form is simply a feedback form that can be used to send a direct message to a website admin or manager.

Why do you need a Contact form?

Contact forms are used to increase engagements, collect subscribers and garner important information concerning a particular website. It acts as a link between the users and the site admin. Having a contact form makes it easier for users to point out errors or lay requests on a website.

You need a contact form to grow a successful website or brand.

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Where does the contact form go in WordPress?

When a message is filled in the contact form, the message is sent directly to the site admin (The email address) that is owned by the site admin.

So if you are an admin, you will get the messages delivered to your email address.

How do I use the contact form in WordPress?

Using a contact form on a WordPress website is super easy and I will list the steps below.


  1. First, you need to install a plugin that will be used to create the feedback form
  2. So head over to your WordPress plugin section and Add new
  3. In the search icon type “Contact form 7” This is the plugin we will use to run the setup so all you need to do is to install and activate it.
  4. After successful installation, you should start to see the Contact form logo in the WordPress tab by the left. Click on it and then select the Contact form
  5. In this section, you will see a short code that you need to insert into your page.
  6. After copying the code, you can save it temporarily in your notepad.
  7. Head over to the WordPress dashboard and create a new page, you can name it contact us or Reach us. Just choose something that fits.
  8. Now I want you to paste the shortcode in the paragraph section and then click on publish.

Voila! You have successfully created your contact page. Now all you need to do is to add the newly created page link to the menus on your WordPress website.

Have you successfully applied this setup?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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