Why Is It Called the Loran Scholarship?

Why Is It Called the Loran Scholarship

The Loran Scholarship is one of Canada’s most prestigious awards for students, and it has a long and rich history. But why is it called the Loran Scholarship? That’s a question many have asked, so let’s explore the answer in this blog post. We’ll look at the origins of the scholarship, its mission, and the people behind it who made it what it is today.

The Scholarship Was Created in Memory of Two Young Men

In 1985, the Loran Scholars Foundation was established in memory of two remarkable young men, Robert Loran and Alister Lawson. Robert and Alister were remembered as talented, compassionate young leaders who had a powerful impact on those around them.

The Foundation was established to recognize and support students who demonstrated similar qualities as Robert and Alister. It was founded with the vision of providing a pathway for young Canadians to explore and develop their potential and become leaders in their communities.

Through the Loran Scholarship, the Foundation provides financial assistance to students to pursue post-secondary education at a Canadian university. 

The scholarship is open to all students, from any background or region, regardless of academic or economic means. Each year, up to 34 outstanding Loran Scholars are selected for the scholarship and receive an annual award of $100,000 over four years of undergraduate studies. 

The Loran Scholars also receive ongoing mentorship, experiential learning opportunities, and access to a network of like-minded peers. The goal of the program is to help these students reach their full potential and become engaged and ethical leaders in their communities.

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The Scholarship Provides Financial Assistance to Students

The Loran Scholarship is a prestigious award that provides financial assistance to students looking to attend college. The scholarship was created in memory of two young men, both of whom were killed in the 1985 Air India crash. 

Since its creation, the Loran Scholarship has provided substantial financial aid to students in need, helping to make college an accessible option for those who may not have been able to afford it otherwise. In addition to covering tuition fees, the scholarship also provides an allowance for living expenses such as books, housing, and meals. 

The scholarship also provides access to mentorship programs and various leadership opportunities, enabling recipients to make the most of their college experience. Furthermore, by being selected for the Loran Scholarship, recipients are automatically considered for other financial awards. 

Ultimately, the Loran Scholarship provides a great opportunity for students to pursue higher education without financial worry. It offers peace of mind and confidence in knowing that one can attend college with the financial resources one need.

The Scholarship Helps Students Attend College

The Loran Scholarship offers financial assistance to students looking to pursue higher education. By providing assistance with tuition, books, and other costs associated with college, the scholarship helps many students attend college who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. 

This can open up educational opportunities for those from lower socio-economic backgrounds and those from rural areas.

The scholarship also provides more than just financial support: it offers mentorships and networking opportunities that can help students succeed in their academic and professional careers. 

The Loran Award includes a year-long mentorship with a Loran Scholar Alumnus, as well as an extensive network of people in various fields and disciplines that can provide guidance and connections. These networks can open up even more pathways to success and help students make the most of their post-secondary education.

In short, the Loran Scholarship is not only a means to help students pay for college but also a way to help them gain access to resources, mentorship, and networking that can give them a leg up in the competitive world of higher education.

The Scholarship Is Open To All Students

The Loran Scholarship is open to all students across Canada. There are no age, gender, or academic requirements to be eligible for the scholarship; instead, the selection committee looks for young people who demonstrate a strength of character, commitment to service in their community, and willingness to engage with the larger world.

This makes the scholarship a truly accessible opportunity. With its generous financial assistance, it provides an invaluable opportunity for any student who wishes to pursue higher education but lacks the financial means to do so. 

The Loran Scholarship has helped thousands of students over the years make their dream of attending college a reality. In addition to providing financial support, the program offers mentorship from accomplished Canadians from different walks of life. 

This provides another valuable benefit that helps Loran Scholars develop into capable leaders.

How Hard Is It To Get The Loran Scholarship?

Given the competitive nature of the scholarship and the rigorous selection process, it can be difficult for applicants to receive the Loran Scholarship. However, for those who put in the effort and meet the criteria, it can be a life-changing opportunity. 

Students should also note that the scholarship is highly valued and respected by post-secondary institutions, making it an attractive option for those seeking financial assistance. 


The Loran Scholarship is a great opportunity for students to access financial assistance for college and further their education.

 It is an incredibly competitive award, and the selection committee looks for students who demonstrate strong character, leadership potential, and commitment to service and community.

As such, it takes dedication and hard work to stand out and be considered for this scholarship. 

However, for those that are able to demonstrate the qualities desired by the selection committee, this scholarship can provide the resources necessary to fulfill educational goals.

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